The Bad Breath Report

The Bad Breath Report

The Bad Breath Report

“An Easy-To-Use, Paint-By-Numbers System by Tomas O’Caomhanach That Will Give You Fresh Sweet-Smelling Breath, Strong Healthy Teeth, And A Sparkling White Smile For the Rest of Your Life… Even If Everything Else Has Failed!”

– Endorsed By Dr. Paul Keyes.

If you want to wipe out your bad breath forever, then pay close attention…You won’t find this information available anywhere else.

  • How To Cure Your Bad Breath Quickly And Easily, Using Simple Dirt-Cheap Ingredients!
  • A dirt-cheap solution that extinguishes Your Bad Breath… In 90 Seconds Flat!
  • How To Wipe Out Bad Breath WITHOUT Ever Spending A Dime On “Breath Freshening” Products!
  • The REAL Cause Of Cavities, Gum-Disease, & Dental Decay! (Hint: It’s NOT sugar!)
  • 3 critical factors you MUST consider when choosing a toothbrush… and… why using the wrong kind of toothbrush will do you more damage than good.
  • The single most important thing you can do to keep your gums and teeth healthy for life and it’s NOT brushing your teeth.
  • And That’s Not All! See The Rest Here.

Update: New Edition Now Released!

Still going strong since it was first published in 2002, The Bad Breath Report is now in it’s 5th edition which is simply better than ever before! This new edition is packed to the brim with exciting technologies and techniques that weren’t available in previous editions.

Some older treatment methods are now obsolete have have been dropped from this edition… but have been replaced by amazing new methods that:

  • Work much faster.
  • Are much easier to do.
  • And are much more powerful and long-lasting!

All you need are the simple tips revealed in this report. According to Tomas O’Caomhanach, even your dentist may NOT know most of these simple oral health secrets. And… even if he does know them… you can bet he’ll NEVER tell you about them.

Why? Simply because, once you know these secrets…
You may NEVER have to step into a dentist’s clinic ever again!

Limited-time reduced promotion price and your 8-week money-back guarantee.

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedDoesn’t it make a lot more sense to make a tiny, one-time investment of just $49.97 $29.97 – a limited-time reduced promotion price! now… to wipe out your bad breath forever? ($29.97 is less than the cost of a visit to the dentist. And it is only a tiny fraction of what you’d have to pay for just one visit to a breath clinic.)

Your investment is guaranteed and protected by your 8-week money-back guarantee.

For more details and testimonials, go to The Bad Breath Report website.

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