The Causes Of Halitosis

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The Causes Of Halitosis

Thursday, July 10th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

While it is often might be the basis for many jokes, halitosis is not only an embarrassing condition but may potentially be the evidence of a bigger problem in the human body. People who suffer from halitosis need to discover what the root cause is and get the proper treatment for their situation. This condition shouldn’t be disregarded but should be carefully looked at

Oral Hygiene

Oral HygieneA lot of people believe that halitosis is simply caused by poor oral hygiene which itself may be the case, but some people with bad breath just do not take proper care of their mouth or teeth.  Every person need to understand that teeth and mouth must to be cared for and cleaned often to prevent not only bad breath but other problems too. Old food particles, bacteria, yeast, plaque and other yucky things in the mouth will all contribute to halitosis and must be eliminated by careful cleaning and treatment. This is something each and every person can do without doctor, dentist or other professional’s help. 

Tooth Decay And Oral Infections

Tooth DecayAdditional common cause of halitosis is tooth decay or other oral infections. A person with good oral hygiene that still finds they have a problem with bad breath should go to their dentist to check for possible causes in the mouth and teeth as dentist can help take care of problems with the teeth, gums and other oral areas. 

If the dentist doesn’t find a problem causing the bad breath they will probably refer the patient to a medical doctor

Medical Causes Of Halitosis

There are several medical conditions that can cause halitosis. It may be as simple as a person’s dietary intake or may be something more dangerous. A person who has chronic halitosis must see a doctor to make certain that there is not an underlying medical condition that requires treatment. A doctor will be able to perform and order tests to rule out numerous causes of halitosis

Some of the times a medication might have the side effect of causing halitosis. In this case a doctor can quickly determine the cause and offer suggestions for getting the problem under control. Doctors are well aware that bad breath is not always a matter of poor hygiene and will be very understanding in helping a person to deal with the situation.

It will be a great relief for both the person with the bad breath and those that have frequent contact with them to have the problem solved.

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