Bad Breath Treatment – Leave It To The Dentist

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Bad Breath Treatment – Leave It To The Dentist

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

To determine whether you have halitosis, dentist will need to make a thorough examination of the insides of your mouth, before deciding on a course of bad breath treatment to deal with the specifics of your case. Sometimes when you just drink water frequently or chew your gum, may suffice to deal with a dry mouth, which concentrates malodorous substances in exhaled breath. Children may often be guilty of improperly brushing their teeth, though adults can be careless in this respect as well. Removing stale coating from the tongue, and dislodging pieces of food stuck between teeth, are other personal habits which may suffice by way of bad breath treatment. A dentist can also remove accumulated plaque, deal with diseases of the gums, and prescribe antibiotics, as forms of bad breath treatment.

Mouth Fresheners For A Temporary Relief

Mouth fresheners make a great deal of sense. There could something especially aromatic in food that you eat away from home, or maybe you are partial to garlic and onions. It is rare to have familiy and friends be brave enough to address the matter of your halitosis, though this will not be the case with even the friendliest dentist. Mouth fresheners that you buy without prescriptions do not constitute bad breath treatment in any case. Short time relief is somewhat not good enough if the problem happens often, or if it seems unrelated to food habits.

Treatment Of Bad Breath Beyond Your Mouth

Dentists cannot manage all cases of halitosis on their own as gum diseases can be quite deep seated, and may need reference to a specialist in this field. However, not all cases of bad breath occur inside the mouth. A dentist may send a patient with halitosis to a physician to deal with a systemic cause. Ketones are smelly chemicals, which are excreted through urine, perspiration, and through exhaled breath as well. They build up in blood to levels which result in halitosis if a person has diabetes, has been starving, or has inadequate carbohydrate intake. Ketosis can be life threatening, so pay attention to your halitosis as it may be an indication of a serious medical condition. That’s why every case of persistent bad breath deserves professional attention.

Fortunately, bad breath treatment is relatively simple once the underlying cause has been determined, but it can recur if a patient doesn’t follow prescriptions, or change personal habits which lead to the problem. Bad breath may appear at any time, so being free of it at one point of time does not rule out the possibility of developing it later. It is best to ask an intimate friend or a member of the family to check periodically, and to keep every appointment with a dentist.

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