The Causes Of Bad Breath and Halitosis Treatment

Are You Suffering From Bad Breath Problems Or Halitosis? Learn More About The Causes Of Bad Breath, Its Appropriate Cures And Solutions

Authoritative Answers For The Common Question: What Causes Bad Breath?

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OnionBad breath of halitosis is almost inevitable to a degree. Not everyone is aware that they suffer from the problem, but it would be extremely rare if not impossible to escape for all time without ever having an episode of this embarrassing problem. More than the problem itself is the worry that you may have this issue, without friends and acquaintances to tell you about it.

Hence, it’s common to wonder what causes bad breath, even if no one has mentioned the subject of late. It’s comparatively easy to keep the matter under control with a basic understanding of what causes bad breath.

Onions and garlic are the most common examples of foods with such strong odors that they remain on one’s breath for a long time. Brushing teeth and using mouth fresheners may offer no more than temporary relief, because traces find their way in to exhaled breath from blood, after the ingredients have been digested.

However, these kinds of aromatic foods have become so notorious that many people now avoid them as much as possible. They may still ask what causes bad breath since there’re other causes for halitosis apart from smelly foods. Left over food particles are common reasons, as they rot in the mouth after getting stuck between teeth. The mouth could also harbor some types of bacteria which cause bad breath. Finally, certain medical conditions like ketosis may be responsible for a foul smell on one’s breath.

Simple Solutions To The Question: What Causes Bad Breath?


Since there is no single reason for halitosis, it’s best to consult a doctor to uncover the primary reason in each separate case. A regular dental check-up should uncover whether any aspect of oral health is responsible for lingering foul odors, while blood tests can establish systemic answers to the vexed question of what causes bad breath.

Halitosis could be a result of a potentially serious condition, so medical evaluation of the problem is always a good idea. However, you need not wait until you get a dental or a doctor’s appointment, to take action on learning that there is a bad smell in your mouth, for there’re effective steps that you can safely take on your own.

Good habits should be enough to treat halitosis if one is in a normal state of health. Tobacco smells at least as much as food with pungent aromas, so staying away from all these influences pays off handsomely in terms of clean and fresh breath. Regular brushing and flossing may sound like advice for children, but it’s surprising how many adults need regular reminders!

Bad Breath Caused By Norvasc And Other Medications

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NorvascThere are a lot of disorders of the human body which thankfully are treatable with medications.  So many medications are now available that can help a person live much longer healthy and productive lives.  But many of these medications come with side effects that have to be addressed.  One of the very common side effects of several medications is bad breath.  Medications such as Norvasc can cause bad breath

The Importance Of Norvasc


Even though Norvasc can cause bad breath it’s an important medication.  Norvasc is prescribed by doctors to treat angina and high blood pressure which are both serious conditions.  A person who takes Norvasc can’t simply stop the medication because they have bad breath caused by Norvasc. 


Both high blood pressure and angina are potentially fatal conditions that have to be treated and Norvasc is a proven reliable drug to use.  If a person discovers that, although Norvasc is helping with their specific medical condition, they also have bad breath caused by Norvasc there’re some things that can be done to help.  

Treating Bad Breath Caused By Norvasc And Other Medications


It is important for a person with bad breath from Norvasc or other medications to find one or more suitable treatments for the side effect.  There’re several measures that can be taken to help out.  One specific treatment may not cure the problem but several things can help. 

The first thing a person with bad breath from Norvasc or other medications needs to do is to make certain that they have good oral hygiene.  A person should brush their teeth several times a day with a strong toothpaste and should floss often.  People who are away from home during the day may want to carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with them to use once or twice during the day.  A person can as well carry a small bottle of mouthwash with them to help out.  Mints and gum will also be quite helpful. 

Some times the bad breath caused by Norvasc is because the mouth becomes very dry.  A person can help this situation by keeping liquids by and drinking frequently.  The increased fluids may also be helpful in treating the specific medical ailment but a person should check with their doctor regarding the amount of fluid intake they should have.  Sometimes people with heart conditions have a fluid restriction.  In that case gum and mints may also be helpful to keep the mouth moist.

Methamphetamine Can Cause Bad Breath

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Man Covers MouthThere is a new drug in town and it’s very dangerous for teens and anyone else who gets involved with it.  It’s called methamphetamines, and it is very addictive and very dangerous not only to take, but to make as well.

Signs Your Child May Be Taking Methamphetamines


One of the most common signs can be that methamphetamine cause bad breath.  This will be a chemical smell which is quite foul.  No amount of brushing or oral hygiene can make the odor of methamphetamine cause bad breath to go away.  Your child may also exhibit the signs of methamphetamine use by noticing the pupils of their eyes are dilated.

Other common signs besides methamphetamine cause bad breath are unexplained nosebleeds as well as the nose being dry.  Lips may also become cracked and bleed as well.  Your child may exhibit other nasal or sinus symptoms as the drug is often snorted as well as smoked.

Many signs of your teen being involved with the use of methamphetamines are a lack of appetite or signs that point to anorexia.  Your child may not being sleeping and it can also cause those who use it to become anxious, nervous or aggressive.  Your child may also chatter incessantly.  Most methamphetamine users will exhibit signs of hyperactivity as well.

When your child may be involved in using methamphetamines which cause bad breath, utilizing mouthwashes, breath sprays, lozenges and other breath fresheners won’t eliminate the underlying cause of methamphetamine bad breath.  Your child may try and mask the signs of his/her drug use, but if you’re attentive to changes in your child’s behavior, you may be able to put a stop to it before it becomes a real problem.

Other Effects of Methamphetamines


If the only sign is methamphetamine cause bad breath, it does not indicate the long term affects that using methamphetamines can cause.  Several effects that may be long term from using methamphetamines are, a raise in blood pressure and your heart rate, damage to the blood vessels that service the brain, a stroke or death.  These are serious side effects for those who are using methamphetamines.

You can also experience psychotic symptoms for a long time after you have stopped using methamphetamines.  This drug is highly addictive and one of the first things a parent may notice is methamphetamine cause bad breath.  Do not be afraid to ask your teen questions, especially if he/she is exhibiting some of the signs of methamphetamine use.  It’s a dangerous drug and it is up to parents to monitor their children.


How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath For Good?

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Cigar On BrushAlmost all people who suffer from bad breath know it.  They’ll do anything to get rid of bad breath for good.  It’s not too difficult to learn how to get rid of bad breath if it’s not from a medical condition.  All you need to do is watch what you eat and be sure that you utilize a healthy and regular oral hygiene routine.

Common Causes of Bad Breath


The most common cause of bad breath is the leftover food that can get stuck in between your teeth after eating.  For people who eat a diet high in protein, it’s not unusual for them to try and learn how to get rid of bad breath.  People who eat a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables are less likely to need to learn how to get rid of bad breath as this type of diet is conducive to fresh and clean breath.

What You Can Do To Learn How to Get Rid of Bad Breath


It’s not difficult for the average person to learn how to get rid of bad breath, especially when it is not caused by gastric disorders or any other type or medical condition.  Usually the main cause of bad breath is bacteria feeding off of food particles that are caught between your teeth.  The best way for anyone to learn how to get rid of bad breath is to buy a good toothbrush, some floss and be diligent about your oral hygiene.

It’s important for you to also brush your tongue if you want to rid yourself of bad breath.  The same bacterium that is lurking between your teeth also burrows into your tongue.  When you brush your tongue and get rid of any excess bacterium that may be hiding out, you’ll go a long way to ascertain you are on the road of how to get rid of bad breath.

A proper daily dental routine should be in place to help you get rid of all the bacteria that will cause you to have bad breath.  You should brush your teeth after each meal and floss daily to ensure you get rid of bad breath.  Using a disinfecting mouthwash can help you to really wipe out the bad boys of bacteria that are hanging out and causing you to have bad breath.

It’s also recommended that you quit smoking.  Smoking is a huge cause of bad breath.  Not only does your mouth smell when you smoke, but your clothes and hair as well.  When you have bad breath which is caused by smoking, even if you take care of the smell in your mouth, there is not much you can do about the smell on the rest of your body.  If you are determined to learn how to get rid of bad breath, you might want to think about quitting smoking for good.

When you drink alcohol, this will also cause you to have bad breath.  Whether you are a person that drinks a lot, then your breath will smell like alcohol even after you have brushed and used various breath fresheners to mask the smell.

Use Science to Answer the Question “How Do I Cure Bad Breath From a High Protein Diet?”

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Kid Brushing TeethA high protein diet is fashionable with two entirely different sets of people: body builders and dieters. Though the sportive and the obese are as different as chalk and cheese in most respects, both often asking "how do I cure bad breath from a high protein diet?"

It’s best to go on a special diet, regardless of the reason, under the direct supervision of a qualified expert, but this isn’t always feasible in real life. Professional sports people may need to increase muscle mass quickly, while social pressures may force a young person who is chronically overweight, to try a crash diet that she or he has read about somewhere.

The question "how do I cure bad breath from a high protein diet," is likely to be a signal that a special regimen of food intake has become unbalanced. This could be intentional if the intention is to burn fat quickly, but it’s important to keep a body’s functions within limits of normal ranges.

Bad breath after starting a high protein diet is due to a specific reason which all sufferers would do well to understand: it occurs because of the build up of ketones in blood. A ketone is a malodorous chemical that your body produces when it uses fat in the absence of carbohydrates. Ketones leave the body through breath, apart from in urine and perspiration, and this is fundamentally why people on high protein diets inevitably suffer from bad breath.

How to Help When Someone Asks: "How Do I Cure Bad Breath From a High Protein Diet?"


The best way to deal with the question "how do I cure bad breath from a high protein diet," is to review if some healthy forms of carbohydrates could be added back to daily meal regimens. It’s common to associate high protein with meat and sea food, but the truth is that there are many vegetarian forms of protein, which have becoming proportions of healthy carbohydrates as well.

Beans are great examples of meal ingredients which will leave you with plenty of proteins, and just enough carbohydrates as well to prevent the incomplete burning of stored fats. Another approach would be to work in the sun, or to spend time in saunas, so that accumulated ketones use skin pores as alternates to breath in order to escape from the body. Drinking plenty of water will help ketones leave the body through urine, while diluting their concentrations inside mouths at the same time.

The question "how do I cure bad breath from a high protein diet," could be risky to answer on a permanent basis if you are not a doctor with focused training and experience in diet and weight management. A person that asks this question, or that suffers from bad breath, could be an undiagnosed or a poorly managed diabetic.

People with inadequate insulin production may have ketones building up in blood, and this can quickly degenerate in to a life threatening situation. There’s no harm in suggesting a couple of temporary measures to keel breath smelling fresh, but obdurate halitosis always needs the expert attention of a doctor.

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